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8 Most Unique Wine Crates and Boxes

The most popular wooden wine crate and box formats are large 12 bottle wine crates and medium 6 bottle wine boxes. These are the go-to options for prestigious vineyards to package their best wine bottles  There's alot of variation among them as far as artwork logos go, but most of the popular formats are about the same size with a similar look (Wood type and style of design can vary too)

Every so often a winery will design a wooden wine crate, case or box that's remarkably unique. This usually occurs to celebrate a special vintage. These unique crates can also be made for charity events, commemorations, or to simply stand out among peers. Sin Qua Non for example is a cult Napa vineyard that always makes interesting wooden wine boxes and cases. It's been omitted from this list because there's so many of them, but the winery deserves an honorable mention:

Sin Qua Non comes in all different sizes. Everything from an oversized 6 bottle box to a 3 bottle case designed for half bottles. Not only do they make a new style every year, but they make a new one for every style of wine they craft! Many are numbered making them collector's items.

Most vineyards stick to a wine crate strategy that works and change the vintage every year. The list below is a mix of vineyards that make especially unique crates naturally, as well as those that made special ones for a vintage or commemoration:

8 Grey Goose - It's not a wine box but it definitely looks like one. That's what makes it unique..

A few years back Grey Goose release a limited edition wooden crate for it's special blue. Only a few were made and they aren't available anywhere now.

The crate was embossed in a blue color on the lid and all four sides. The lid had a large and highly detailed picture of the goose logo backdrop.

7. The famed First Growth: Chateau Haut-Brion - There's no other crate like it:

It's wider yet shorter than the majority of Bordeaux wine crates. It's designed to hold 6 bottles in the front of it and 6 in the back (Instead of 6 on the bottom and 6 on the top). The bottle dividing honeycomb style wooden inserts are a testament to it's uniqueness.

6. Axios - A highly successful and underrated cult Napa vineyard with a tiny production. The wine was served to Presdent Bush in 2002 at the White House.

A tiny production means very few wine boxes and crates. Cult Napa investors are notorious for keeping full cases of wine inside the original wine box to increase their profits at auction. As of today we've acquired only 2 Axios wooden wine boxes in the past 11 years.

5. Continuum - Made by the Mondavi family, Continuum is grown in the heart of cult Napa territory.

About 1,300 cases of Continuum are made every year, and not every vintage includes the exclusive wooden wine case. It's an oversized piece designed to hold 6 bottles flat. The tree design is gorgeous and highly detailed. We acquire 2-3 per year.

4. Krug Non-Vintage - Every few years Krug Champagne introduces a revolutionary design for their boxes. In this case they made them with different colors in a smooth matte finish. The silver-leaf lettering accentuates the design perfectly.

This is a single bottle crate in light aqua green which has a flip-top opening.

3. Sandeman - An underrated Port that also makes Sherry, Brandy and Madeira, has only created one original wooden wine box since 1790.

This piece was made to hold (4) 375ML half bottles for the Sandeman Porto. The inside has a black felt covering, and two dividing inserts with a platform to protect the bottles. The outside of the box has a walnut finish with branded leather straps and an emblazoned logo. There's a branded brass plate on both long sides.

This is a rare and unusual piece that we probably wont see again. We had about 100 last year and sold them all. This is most likely the only 375ML Port crate designed for 4 bottles ever made.

2. Chateau Ste. Michelle Meritage Artist Series

This is a rare 3 bottle flat which was signed by the artist (Ginny Ruffner) and wine maker (Mike Januik). Only a handful of these special wine cases were made, and most are being held by Collectors. We only had one of these in stock. It has a flip-top style lid with the signatures on the inside of the lid. The outside of the lid was actually painted by hand.

1. Mouton Rothschild Imperial (2000 Vintage)

Designed by the Baroness Phillipine of Rothschild herself, this black-matte finished wine crate was designed to hold an imperial sized wine bottle from the most exulted Bordeaux winery, celebrating the greatest vintage of the 21st century.

Very few of these were made and the majority that were are either in the Rothschild cellar or at Christies awaiting sale in the year 2025. We were fortunate to acquire one and it sold overnight.

The style of the crate is flip-top with a unique brass latch that was branded with the iconic Mouton logo. Inside the case is a booklet detailing the vintage, and built-in inserts to cradle the large bottle. This one was one of my favorites. I was a little sad to see it go. It's a lovely collector's item and without a doubt the most unique.

Every month we bring in a new shipment of wine crates and boxes. Next month we'll be showcasing the new and more interesting ones for sale. Visit us or send me an e-mail for more details!


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