Sunday, January 8, 2017

The 8 Best Wine Box Shelves & Tables

You have a few options when building a DIY table or shelf made of wooden wine boxes. There's alot of considerations to take into account, and depending on the level of quality your looking for, the project can go from easy to complex pretty quickly.

The table or shelf doesn't need to be made from the actual boxes themselves. Every wine box has a branded side with the artwork of the vineyard that made it. This side can be removed from the box, and these sides are called wine panels which can be placed on surfaces like tiles. You can take an existing table and apply wine panels to a table-top like this:

or like this:

Although this kind of project appears easy (Simply lay down the panels onto the top) it's not. The first thing you'll need are alot of perfectly straight panels. Depending on the size of the table will depend on how many panels you'll need to cover (Approx. 2 panels covers 1 square foot).

In order to get one straight panel you'll need to dismantle at least two wine crates. This is because the wood from wine crates is unfinished and prone to bending. Your best bet is to order the wine panels already inspected, prepared and done so you can start the project immediately. Breaking up hundreds of wine crates is time-consuming, expensive, and there's no guarantee they'll all work for the project. Visit the Wine Panels page to order them directly.

Your next consideration for building this kind of table is it's condition. Does it need repair or finishing? Are you going to layer the panels on top of the original table-top, or replace it all together? The above tables are finished with the panels replacing the table-top and they're all flush to the sides of the table. These were professionally done and took several days to complete. Make sure to plan accordingly.

One of my favorite wine panel tables is this one:

It's a small outdoor table which appears like it was easily to put together. What makes it unique is that the panels were stained with 3 different colors. It's a work of art which inspires conversation without a doubt.

Another wine crate table option is to add drawers to one. This can be fairly easy so long as the drawer cubbies can fit wine crates. The average size of a 12 bottle wine crate is 19 1/2" L X 13" W X 7" H. You can buy wine crates for this project on the Wine Crates page. Below are some examples of tables turned into wine crate shelves:

Add a small wine rack to the bottom:

And finally a mix of both options: A table-top adorned with wine panels above a wine crate chest of drawers!

Last but not least, making a table out of the wine crate itself like this:

The tricky part is the legs. If you've ever built a chair or table you know! The leveling to assure balance is the most important aspect, but once that hurdle is done you have a very elegant and unique piece.

You can also put build several wine crates together to make a table that can include casters and shelves like this:

The table above is fairly elaborate with a glass table-top. Not an easy DIY. It gets alot easier sans the shelves and glass.

As you can see there's alot of room for creativity when it comes to wine crate tables, and there's new styles being invented everyday. When you decide to make one for yourself visit