Sunday, August 28, 2016

8 Gorgeous Wine Crate Tables

One of the most popular projects to do with wine crates is to make tables with them. There's 3 ways to do it:
  • Glue them together (Usually 3 or more)
  • Affix the panels to an already-made table and create a table-top
  • Add the wine crates as shelves into an already-made table
My personal favorite is the wine panel table-top decoration, but it's also the hardest one to do to. Depending on the size of the table you may need alot of panels to complete it (Approx. 2 panels covers 1 square foot). You may also want to finish the top or place a custom-made piece of glass over it.

If you want to stain or varnish the tabletop, the panels will need to be perfectly straight and pre-sanded so the finish goes on smoothly. The easiest way to do this is to buy the already prepared panels at Wine Crates and Boxes By Clicking on wine panels you can choose how many you need based on your square footage. All of our panels are professionally inspected for straightness and ready for finish. You can start the project the moment they're delivered to your door!

The other two options are a bit easier to do. Making a coffee table for instance can be done by standing four crates together (Brandings facing up) like this one:

A custom glass piece was placed on top and it looks beautiful. I've seen projects where they place a centerpiece in the middle of the gap to store wine corks!


Another example of an elegant yet simple DIY wine crate table project is below:

This is a side table with legs attached to it. One wine crate was glued on top of the other in an uneven fashion to give it an authentic vineyard feel. 


We now move onto the wine panel tabletops. The next 5 pictures represent a variety of distinctive creations. None are alike in any way.

One of my favorite wine table makers is Alpine Wine Designs. The owner Brad is a genius, and the above picture is a Napa inspired tasting table made exclusively with wine panels from high-end California wine crate panels


Next is a large dining table with 25 panels of assorted sizes and vineyards. This masterpiece took quite a while to make!

Another example of a masterpiece is this remarkable coffee table that has wine panels adorning both the top and legs

The next piece is a side table with only one panel in the center, and it's not a wine panel but rather it's a lid for a an old-style liquor crate. You can easily replace the liquor crate lid with a wine crate lid instead.

The last piece in the wine panel tabletop collection is colorful and somewhat complex to make. Although it's a fairly small deck table, it's covered with panels that were finished with different stains (Cherry, Mahogany and Oak)

 Last but not least is an example of a tasting table that has wine crates as drawers, and wine panels on the top! Love it.

If your looking to create your own unique wine crate project but need the wine crates or panels visit and speak directly with me. We can go over the details of the project, and work out what kind of wine crates or panels would work best for it.


Friday, August 19, 2016

Chateau Lafite Rothschild Wooden Wine Crate

Chateau Lafite Rothschild is arguably the most recognized wine in the world. It has a simple yet elegant logo deeply branded on the front side representing the chateau design. Mouton Rothschild as a contrast frequently makes small changes to it's design logo, The Lafite design hasn't changed much at all in the past thousand years.

Although the estate is recorded as making spectacular wines since the early 1200's, it's very likely that vines were planted there well before the Roman Empire. Lafite was purchased by Baron Rothschild in the mid-1800's, and has been part of the Rothschild estate ever since.

The Lafite wine crate is highly collectible even though 20,000 cases are made every year. Half of the cases stay in France, and most of the others are often purchased well before vintage release in the form of futures. This means that investors will scoop up all of the original wooden wine crates complete with wine 2-3 years in advance! Acquiring a Lafite Rothschild crate is very difficult at best.

For every 1,000 wooden wine crates that arrive to us I'd estimate 1 or 2 is a Lafite Rothschild. This is how rare they are.

At the moment we have a few in stock so give me a call or e-mail if you'd like to purchase one.


Saturday, August 13, 2016

10 Best Wine Crate Panel Walls

Wine panels are the branded sides of original wine crates with the artwork of the vineyard that made them. Once removed they become like tiles which can be used to decorate walls, floors, ceilings and tabletops.

The most popular wine panel decoration are for walls. The pictures below display wine cellars, wine rooms, bars, dining rooms, kitchen nooks and wainscots with wine panels adorning them all.

The above picture is a unique breakfast nook. There's about 30 panels on the wall and around 10 built into the table - Casaejardim

This is a kitchen wainscot made exclusively from very exclusive Bordeaux vineyards such as Petrus, DRC, Cheval Blanc and First Growth.

Although it looks like a wall it's really a barn door which was kept in a modern home and remodeled. It's got a mixture of wine panels and reclaimed wood finished with lacquer

Ritz Carlton in Dallas did a major remodel of one of their penthouses several years ago. This is a picture of the wine room. Several hundred were needed to cover the walls, and it was done in what looks to be a random pattern but the project was brilliantly planned for.

This is a tall wine panel wall in a wine bar. The entire piece was finished in a honey lacquer. Gorgeous.

Time Out Chicago did a piece on a famous Italian restaurant in Chicago called Davanti Enoteca. This is the wine panel wall in one of their bar rooms. It's theme is a mix of New and Old world vineyards arranged to create a 3D effect.

The above is a modern living room with a 100 square foot wine panel wall. It's got a nice mixture of French, Italian and Napa panels.

Here's another kitchen nook that was featured in Better Homes and Gardens. It's a nice area for wine, and there's about 20 panels in the center wall and 10 on the trim above.

Wainscot wine panel wall for a private bar. Very elegant.

My personal favorite is this one. It's a downstairs kitchen/dining area with the staircase wall covered in about 50 New World wine panels. There's a nice mix of Napa Valley, Spanish and Australian vineyards on the wall.

If your looking to do your own wine panel wall get in touch! We can help you determine how many panels you'll need. We can also assist in choosing the specifics. If your looking for French, Spanish, Italian or Napa Valley panels we can accommodate to a degree based on current stock. Feel free to give me a call  or email and we can talk.