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The 6 Most Popular Wine Crate Styles

Wooden wine crates and boxes are made by wineries to store and protect their most valuable bottles. Not all are the same, and alot depends on whether the vineyard is in a New World or Old World wine making country.

If your winery is in the Old World (France or Italy) the majority of your wine crates and wine boxes will be 6 or 12 bottle size. In the New World (Napa, Spain and just about everywhere else) it's mostly 3 bottle wine cases and 6 bottle.

In the Old World there's rules everyone must follow. This includes bottle sizes which in-turn mean wine crate and box sizes. The New World doesn't have this problem so anything goes.

None of this means that an Old World vineyard has to stick with a specific bottle size all the time, it just means that the vineyards have to follow the stringent rules in regards to it. This makes different sizes much more uncommon. Below are the most popular wine crate styles among the both the New and Old:

Single Bottle (Both New and Old World):

Average size: 14" L X 5" W X 5" H

Most single bottle wine crates are designed to hold individual magnum (1500ML) bottles. They're often branded on the lid or front sides, and can be either slide-top, flip-top or standard lid. Sometimes they include a rope handle. They're great for holding small items such as office supplies.

3 Bottle (Mostly New World):

Average size: 14" L X 12" W X 5" H

Napa Valley cult vineyards make the most attractive 3 bottle sizes. They're called flat wooden wine cases. The above picture is the Harlan Estate Maiden and is one of my favorites. The intricately detailed branding of the Maiden is engraved on the lid. Some of the other more attractive cult Napa 3 bottle wine cases are from Screaming Eagle, Bond and Colgin.

3 bottle flat cases are great for holding electronics (Such as cellphones/chargers), various other items and as centerpieces for your wine room decor. They can also be made into small drawers.

6 Bottle: (Both New and Old World):

Average size: 13" L X 11" W X 7" H

You'll find 6 bottle wine boxes made mostly in France and Italy, but just about any New World vineyard that decides to make them chooses the 6 bottle size. This is especially the case for special vintages that need extra care which a cardboard box can't fulfill.

Just about every 6 bottle wine box is branded with a logo design on the front long side. Sometimes the lid as well. The above picture represents 4 distinct regions of France.

Six bottle wine boxes are ideal for a number of different purposes like garden planters, wine room shelving and kitchen storage.

12 Bottle (Mostly Old World France):

Average size: 19 1/2" L X 13" W X 7" H

12 bottle wine crates almost exclusively come from various regions in Bordeaux. Some come from Burgundy and Italy, and a small handful come from other countries.

The engraved design logos and pictures of Bordeaux wine crates represent historical designs, artwork and traditions from the region that date back hundreds or even thousands of years. Each one is a limited and timeless masterpiece.

They're also the most versatile. You'll find the most 12 bottle wine crates in large wine cellar shelving. The logos on the front make it easy to decorate as well as find your wines. You can also use them for storing/protecting large items, making square foot gardens, tables and a variety of other wine-themed woodcraft projects.

24 1/2 bottle (Old World Bordeaux & Sauternes)

Average size: 21" L X 11" W X 9" H

24 1/2 bottle wooden wine crates are a Bordeaux and Sauternes creation. Although many wineries make a half bottle size, only Bordeaux/Sauternes makes the 24 half bottle format.

The crates are very long, tall and thin. They could almost hold a guitar but not quite. Definitely a small ukulele though..

All are branded on the front long side and the designs are large. Not all Bordeaux vineyards make them and when they do, it's a few dozen per vintage.

6 Bottle Magnum (Old World France)

Average size: 19 1/2" L X 13" W X 7" H

This style is found mostly in Bordeaux and Burgundy. Where most New World vineyards store their magnums individually, some French wineries create the 6 bottle magnum crate

These are thick and bulky crates. The most popular use for them is record storage. It's the only wine crate that's wide enough to hold them.

A 6 bottle magnum crate is just as rare as the 24 1/2 size, and not all vineyards make them either. As a matter of fact, the vineyards that make 6 bottle magnum crates don't make the 24 1/2 size and vice-versa.

There's alot of different wine crates and boxes out there that don't fall under the above categories, but they're too few or rare to be listed. Feel free to visit The 8 Most Unique Wine Crates and Boxes and check out some of those.

You can buy the 6 and 12 bottle sizes by visiting or call/e-mail me directly to discuss the other sizes. We can also go over your options if your not sure which size will work for your project.


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