Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Front Side Vs. Long Side Branded Wine Crates

If your familiar with wine crates and have seen the many kinds out there, you've probably noticed that some have artwork/design brandings on different sides. If they're large wine crates the artwork is either on the front short-side or on the long-side.

Front-side branded crates:
  • Branded on the front 13" side
  • Larger selection of vineyards to choose from
  • Almost always from Bordeaux
  • Generally the exact same size

Long-side branded crates:
  • Branded on the long 20" side
  • Smaller selection to choose from
  • Mostly from regions outside of Bordeaux as well as other countries such as the US, Chile, Argentina and Australia
  • Can vary in size by as much as 1" - 6" in length and width depending on the preferences of the winery that made them.

The vast majority of large wine crates are branded on the front 13" side.

Short-side crates can be displayed in wine rooms and cellars that have cubby holes which are at least 13 1/2" W like this project:

Most wine rack makers realized that their clients buy full cases of wine which include the wooden wine crate. This means they'll design racks to include either cubby holes, or a racking system which allows the crates to be stored and displayed. It's very important that you measure out the cubbies or shelf before buying your wine crates.

Front-side crate size: 19 1/2" L X 13" W X 7" H

Long-side crate size: 20" L X 12 3/4" X 7" H (Average - Can vary)

The above are outside dimensions.

Only select French vineyards make long-side branded crates, and they usually hail from regions outside of Bordeaux such as: Rhone, Sauternes or Burgundy. A handful do however come from Bordeaux, but they're fewer and far between. Other countries make them as well but it's uncommon. This makes your choices of long-side brandings somewhat limited. There's a much larger selection of short-side branded than there are long-side.

Long-side branded crates are branded on the 20 1/2" side making them ideal for shelving like this:

Since long-side branded wine crates are larger, you'll want to make sure they'll fit in your rack. If you purchase from us you'll want to let us know that the crates can't exceed a certain size. This is possible, but it may take us more time to process your order. This is especially the case if you want crates from all different vineyards.

Feel free to give me a call or e-mail to discuss about your project. It's much easier to manage a short-side branded wine crate order, but the long-side crates make for a very interesting project!


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