Thursday, June 23, 2016

8 Most Famous Wooden Wine Boxes of Napa Valley

8 Most Famous Wooden Wine Boxes of Napa Valley

The vineyards of Napa make the most interesting wine boxes and cases. They're made of thick California pine which has a light grain. This allows design artwork to have especially deep brandings. 

Napa wine boxes enhance the look of a modern wine cellars. They're built oversized for longer or thicker bottles. Be aware of this when planning your wine cellar shelving because there's alot of different sizes. 

Unfortunately 98% of Napa wineries package their bottles in cardboard. Most wooden wine boxes come from cult vineyards and these are the most famous...

8. Matriarch

Similar design to the winery Dominus but slightly smaller with a branded star design.

7. Quintessa

A flat 6 bottle case with the iconic Q branded on the top of it's flip-top lid. The back side of the lid has a mirror-image of the same logo.

6. Caymus

Caymus is a cult favorite. It's one of the few Napas built with dove-tailed edges.

5. Harlan Estate

My personal favorite. The intricately branded picture on it's slide-top lid is the Maiden goddess picking grapes from the tree of life.

4. Hillside Select

Hillside is the special case from the cult winery Schafer. Most of the crates they make are 6 bottle flats, and have beautifully detailed pictures of the vineyard's famous mountain backdrop.

3. Screaming Eagle

You'll wait for two years and pay thousands of dollars to receive a 3 bottle case of Screaming Eagle. The picture above is a double magnum. It takes alot longer to get one of these..

2. Silver Oak

A huge cult favorite with a big following and a tiny production. The logo design picture is lush and intricately branded

1. Cakebread

By far the most requested Napa wooden wine box (Also the hardest one to acquire)

My favorite part of the box are the deeply branded small grape bunches which are on all four sides.

These kinds of wine boxes are not easy to get. Most of these vineyards only make a few per vintage and are highly collectible. We have a waiting list on Napa's at the moment so shoot me an e-mail or give me a call to be added.


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