Thursday, June 30, 2016

Difference Between Bordeaux & Burgundy Wine Crates

The two most popular large wine crates are from Bordeaux and Burgundy. Each one is designed to hold (12) 750ML wine bottles, but both have subtle differences that can make an impact on wine storage.

The first is size:

Avg. Bordeaux: 19 1/2" L X 13" W X 7" H

Avg. Burgundy: 20 1/2" L X 12 1/2" W X 7" H

The slightly different lengths and widths make a big difference because the majority of Bordeaux wine bottles are standard in size, so nearly every bottle will fit into a Bordeaux wine crate. Burgundy bottles on the other hand aren't always the same size, so not all will fit in them.

Most wine bottles in the past were usually the same shape and size (Except for Riesling and Champagne). New World countries such as Napa Cults changed that a bit. Today I'd estimate that 70-80% of all traditional wine bottles fit perfectly into a Bordeaux wine crate.

For decoration purposes you'll want to make sure your crates will fit into where you need them. The solution to this is to measure the height and width of the areas you want to display them in.
  • (L) Length = Depth (For shelves/cubbies)
  • (W) Width = Left to right
  • (H) Height = Top to bottom
If the cubbies or shelves are over 22" L X 14" W X 8" H you'll be safe with almost any large wine crate.

Beside the size difference; Bordeaux and Burgundy wine crates have subtle distinctions:

  • Usually branded on the front 13" short side
  • Almost always the same size and format
  • Displays "Chateau" or "Grand Cru" and the region it's from
  • Often has highly detailed designs/artwork
  • Often branded on the 20" long side
  • Not always the same size
  • Displays "Domaine" and the name of the vineyard or wine maker
  • Sometimes traditional style without alot of detail, and other times has large and intricately detailed artwork
It's easy to confuse the two styles because both come from France. Once you know how to spot the differences of the crates it can even make you a better wine buyer. For instance, Bordeaux reds are made to be stored for 20 years in a wine cellar until they're mature. Burgundy reds on the other hand don't always need this, and can often be opened in much less time. If your at a wine store and you see a Bordeaux and Burgundy, both are young and you want to drink one tonight, your better off going with the Burgundy in most cases. 

If you have any questions between the two feel free to leave a comment below. We also made a video on this topic so click the link below to check it out.

Both Burgundy and Bordeaux wine crates are for sale on our wesbsite so contact me if your interested in either.


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