Thursday, May 19, 2016

Chateau Petrus Wooden Wine Box

Considered the "6th Growth" of Bordeaux, Chateau Petrus is the world's most well-known vineyard. An off-vintage bottle can cost thousands of dollars, and a good vintage is virtually unavailable to anyone except wine investors who purchased the reserved futures years before.

The wine box itself is a work of art. It's made of pure Bordeaux wood and has the iconic Petrus logo engraved deeply onto the front side.

Depending on the vintage and importer there may be other sides that are engraved as well. The front side has the highly detailed design that hasn't changed in nearly a century.

The logo was invented by the owner Madame Loubat in the 1940's. It was inspired by her appreciation of St. Peter who "Who holds the keys to Heaven".

You'd buy a Petrus wooden wine box because you have a complete collection of 6 bottles from the same vintage. When you buy bottles one at a time they don't include the wooden box. Because of the price of a full case of Petrus most people would opt to put a down payment on a house instead! Due to the market demand of the wine however, acquiring just about any authentic bottle is most likely a wise investment if stored properly.
Once you have all 6 bottles the reasons you'd want to buy the original wine box:
    • To preserve the bottles in perfect form and protect them from breakage. Wine cellars are usually lit, and mixing light with wine is generally a bad idea. The Petrus wooden wine box will always keep the bottles in full darkness.
    • Selling at auction. Petrus wine complete with it's original wine crate (OWC) increases profits by 10-15%
    • Finishing the collection. Many customers purchase one bottle at a time, so when they get all 6 they want the original box.
      If your not ready to take the plunge into wine investing and your simply looking for a unique accent to your wine room, bar or cellar; The Petrus wine box is an ideal solution. It can be a table centerpiece or displayed on a shelf to fill an empty spot. Even if your friends aren't wine enthusiasts you'll still receive compliments on how nice it looks. If they're fond of exceptional Bordeaux wines however, they know how rare it is and you may get a few offers for it!


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