Sunday, December 4, 2016

Wholesale Wine Crates by the Pallet

When you buy wine crates individually they're usually for DIY projects such as wine bottle racking, storage, making tables, planters or wall hangers. A wholesale option is not needed for projects like this. However, if you have a very large wine cellar, want a unique window display, or need to store a great deal of Bordeaux wine bottles then wholesale pallets provide an ideal solution.

There's two options available for the wholesale wine crate pallet lots:

Half Pallet: (25 Wine Crates w/o Lids)

Full Pallet: (50 Wine Crates w/o Lids)

Each of the wine crates in these pallets hold 12 Bordeaux-style wine bottles. These means you can elegantly store and protect 300 bottles in a half pallet and 600 in a full.

Wine crates also enhance the look of your wine room, cellar and bar, and can add an authentic wine-inspired feel to any space. When it comes to the pallet lots though, make sure you have the space to accommodate!

Average size of each wine crate: 19 1/2" L X 13" W X 7" H

Buying wine crates on the pallet is easy. Click the link below for more options and to purchase:

We also offer wine crates by the truckload! Here you can purchase 600, which is tailored more toward businesses with warehouses and significant storage needs. The truckload allows you to store up to 7200 bottles, so you'll definitely need alot of space for this option:

Have questions or want to order a half, full pallet or truckload? Send me an e-mail or give me a call.


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