Sunday, October 23, 2016

Chateau Margaux Wooden Wine Crate

The majority of investors and collectors in Bordeaux wine consider Chateau Margaux to be the best among the First Growths in terms of quality. Considering all First Growths are considered the 5 best in the world this is quite a distinction!

The birth of the "official" Margaux vineyard occurred in the early 1500's, although the plot of land on which it stands was harvesting superior grapes for wine far before that.

The artwork branding on the Margaux wine crate is of the famous Margaux Chateau which dates back to 1801, and is called The Marquis de la Colonilla: "The Grand Estate of the Little River"

Like most First Growths, Chateau Margaux is made to be carefully stored for a couple of decades in order to reach it's peak condition. Keeping the wine in it's original crate is ideal for this purpose. Fine wine should be kept in a fairly cool and dark environment. This is especially true with Margaux. Most investors purchase a complete case or more with the wooden wine crate included years before the wine is actually released. Since only 6 - 8 thousand cases of Margaux are made every year, original wine crates directly from the vineyard are very rare.

We have a handful of original Chateau Margaux wine crates in stock at the moment, so if your interested in one feel free to give me a call or e-mail


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