Sunday, July 31, 2016

8 Most Artistic Wooden Wine Boxes

Without a doubt the most artistic wine boxes are my favorite. I enjoy looking at their designs and artwork. I love it when they're in good shape and can be refurbished to near-perfection. It's not always easy for us to sell them because it's like having to part with nice paintings that beautify your home. Offering great wine boxes is passion of ours though, so every wine box you buy from Wine Crates and Boxes you get to share in that same inspiration.

In any event, here's the 8 wine boxes with the most artistic designs and artwork.

Delas Hermitage (Rhone, France)

Hermitage is the Grand Cru class single vineyard of the Delas winery. The artwork design of the logo is small but intricately detailed. 

Groth Reserve (Napa Valley)

Groth is one of the few cult wineries from the US that received 100 points from their Cabernet Sauvignon. The wine box has a beautifully engraved picture of the estate and vineyard engraved on it's flip-top style lid.

Louis Jadot (Burgundy)

One of my favorite designs (and usually wine).  A case of a Grand Cru from Louis Jadot may include the gorgeous wooden wine box. The short side of which has the vineyard's exquisite cherub angel logo branded on it.

Olivier Leflaive (Burgundy)

Another Grand Cru of Burgundy which has a large picture of the estate embossed in a red color. Definitely a work of wine art..

Domaine Faiveley (Burgundy)

Not all Domaine Faiveley wooden wine boxes are made the same. This particular one has a very large and beautifully detailed picture of the vineyard.

Domaine Jacques Prieur (Burgundy)

Wooden wine boxes from Burgundy have either very simple or very high detail designs. There's usually no in-between. The Domain Jacques Prieur is an example of one with great artwork on multiple sides. 

Chaleur Estate, Delille Cellars (Washington)

I believe that Chaleur Estate is the only vineyard in Washington State that makes wooden wine boxes but it's a doozy as far as designs go. It's also very rare. This is the only one we ever acquired..

Nickel & Nickel (Napa Valley)

Possibly the most sought-after and famous Napa wine boxes. It has an intricately detailed picture of the vineyard's house on both the front and back of the flip-top style lid. The short sides have carved handles with deeply engraved Nickel & Nickel writing. Both the wine and the box are works of art.

At the moment we have about 2-3 of these wine boxes in stock and that changes on a regular basis. The Napa's are always difficult to procure, so if you like any of these let me know. If and when they come in we can reserve them for you.


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