Friday, April 15, 2016

Guide to Buying Wine Crates

Large wooden wine crates are made by vineyards to protect their best bottles. They cost considerably more than cardboard boxes, but are much more durable and are a great way for a winery to display itself. Branding on wine crates was the very first and most ingenious way to advertise.

Your going to find that Grand Cru wineries make the majority of the large wine crates. Here's a few as an example:

The logo design styles vary based on the history of the vineyard. Some of the artwork branded on large Bordeaux wine crates date back before the Renaissance era. The Chateau Du Tertre as an example has an ornate cote of arms from the 12th century.

When you go online to buy wine crates you want to make sure they're original and authentic. Here are the indicators:

1. There's artwork on the front 13" side. If there's no artwork it's not genuine.

2. The pine wood is solid and has no gaps in the sides like a fruit crate.

3. Has subtle differences in grain colors. Pine wood harvested in Bordeaux is unique and diverse. As an example, The Le Petite Lion has a rich two-toned red color, whereas the Chateau Grand Puy Ducasse has a lighter, tiger-striped look.

As a matter of quality you want to make sure that the stickers, tape, staples etc. have been removed. Ideally you'd like there to be as little patina as possible, and there's few if any cracks on the bottom or sides. You can remove alot of patina with a light sandpaper, and apply wood filling to small cracks.

On the other hand, older wine crates with patina can make for an attractive look for home decor. This is more at the discretion of the buyer. Personally I enjoy the newer look of a wine crate but this is a preference of taste.

The cost for large wine crates range between $20 - $150 each depending on type and what it includes. If the lid and wood inserts come with a 2nd - 5th Growth it's usually $30 - $50. A First Growth can cost anywhere between $75 - $150 depending on vintage and condition.

If your looking to buy large wine crates at wholesale feel free to visit

There you will find wine crates for sale by the pallet or half pallet at a lower cost than average. This way you'll have plenty for your own projects or you can purchase them for re-sale to your customers!

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